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We are building multiple games, for your passion.


NFT with utility, build not just around our owned collection but also for our partners.


When you race with yourself is not fun. We will try always to innovate and share with other players from the ecosystem.

$ESTAR Tokenomics

$ESTAR Token is a ESDT Token with the identifier ESTAR-afaaf0 and a total supply of 310,000,000

Token Distribution


EquiStar Project

Collect, Race, Win!

The EquiStar collection will be one of a kind. There will be only 10010 NFT issued, 5 rarities, and unique stats.

The gate is open, and you see your horse running at the back of the crowd. You know that he can do better and that his Endurance/Speed/Agility will make him the winner. Another 300m to the finish, the sprint kicks in and in the end, you are the winner. The rushing adrenaline is going to be a 1-2 min race where you will compete against others in Single run Races, Tournaments and Events.

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Project Roadmap

The roadmap focuses on the development of the technology, new partnerships, and marketing initiatives.

March 2021

Project Concept

The $ESTAR Group is established. Start of the ESTAR concept.

February 2022

EquiStar Launch

The first NFT collection from ESTAR.GAMES Ecosystem was launched and can be minted.

May 2022

Alpha version

First MVP is ready and gives our OG members the possibility to test our the gameplay.

July 2022

Beta version

New estetics, game mechanics.

August 2022

Token SALE

The date can be adjusted based on members request.

September 2022


Second NFT collection for the second game in the ecosystem will hit the market.

December 2022

Alpha Release

EGoal gameplay and testing.


Working hard

Our Team Members


Sitaru Alexandru

Founder & CEO

Edi Marian


Turea Andrei


Constantin Butco

Graphic Designer